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Dream Wild Forest School 

Health & Safety Awareness & Disclaimer to Participate in Outdoor Activities


Forest school activities take place outdoors, in all weathers and can be physically demanding; over uneven terrain with trip hazards. All activities carry a risk of injury.  All

activities must be carried out adhering to the safety rules outlined by the session leader, we accept no responsibility for injuries and accidents occurring when safety instructions are not complied with or that reasonable judgement is not taken. All participants carry out these activities entirely at their own risk and choice. The session leader and Swindon Tuition Centre accept no liability for injuries caused by disregarding these rules.


First Aid

The session leader is first aid trained and carries a first aid bag, the leader holds a mobile phone in case of emergency. In the event of an injury the leader will apply first aid to the injured party and call the emergency services as necessary.


Illness & Accidents

Please ensure your child is healthy enough to attend the session. If they have had vomiting and/or diarrhoea in the past 48 hours please stay at home – likewise with any contagious condition. 



You should wear personal protective clothing for the activities and weather, it is your

responsibility to dress appropriately for the activities and conditions and we accept no

responsibility for loss or damage. PPE will be provided for all activities. 



If we provide a drink / food during the sessions, these have been prepared in a kitchen which also prepares nuts, meat, vegetables and food containing lactose and gluten. If your child has any particular allergy needs, it is your responsibility to ensure you inform the leaders in

advance and avoid foods which trigger reactions.



Sessions will continue to run in rain, snow and cold weather, however sessions will be cancelled in strong wind.  We will advise you of any cancellation as soon as possible.


Medical Responsibility and Information

It is your responsibility to advise the leader of any medication that your child may need to take during the session and sign this medication over to the leader when you arrive.



Two staff members will be present on the day and can supervise a maximum of 16 children without parents/carers present. Should the number exceed the maximum ratio, parents/carers may be asked to stay with their child to enjoy the activity or supervise from a distance. Supervised sessions (where parents do not have stay) will be allotted to the first 16 bookings.



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