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Make A Complaint

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Before starting...

When deciding whether to make an official complaint, please consider that it may be more relevant to make a comment which will be circulated to staff tomorrow, unless it is essential to complain.  

How comments and complaints are dealt with

All comments and complaints submitted via our website are shared directly with the Senior Leadership Team. Comments are shared within two working days to SLT team and any staff concerned whereas Official Complaints are circulated overnight and dealt with within 24 hours as a matter of urgency.  Comments and complaints will be dealt with in a sensitive, impartial and confidential manner.

Please read our Complaints Policy for full details of the complaints process which outlines a 3 stage process. 

Make a Complaint

If you consider your issue to be a serious nature that needs to be dealth with as a matter of urgency, please complete this form. Otherwise you can instead Leave us a Comment. 

A member of the Senior Leadership Team will conduct an investigation and make contact you within 14 working days. They may conduct you sooner if more information is required.  



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