Schools are being encouraged to put in place one-to-one and group tuition to narrow the attainment gap that has widened even further due to the lockdown caused by Covid 19 Pandemic.


We can tailor our service to meet your school's needs whether that's delivering 1:1 tuition or small group tuition for Maths or English at secondary school level or combined maths and english for primary. 


Outdoors Tutoring
Online Tutorial

What sets us apart?


We can provide tutors who are  highly experienced in working with a wide range of pupils including pupils with SEND and SEMH needs. We provide indoor, outdoor and online tuition to best suit your school's needs and health and safety measures.

Due to the various alternative provisions we already provide, our tutors are skilled and dedicated to improving academic outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.

How it works?


We work in partnership with schools to make sure that tutoring sessions align with the school curriculum and focuses on specific improvement areas for pupils. Our tutors are taught effective strategies for working effectively with small groups of pupils and we make sure that tutors are well briefed on what is and is not their responsibility.    We work in partnership with class teachers to take on board information given by class teachers for specific areas to work on.  We understand the importance of consistency and aim to provide the same tutor for all sessions planned.


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