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I can’t recommend this place enough. My daughter started ahead of her SATS at primary school and carried on through to GCSES. I am certain she wouldn’t have done so well if it hadn’t been for the amazing tutoring. It certainly helped build her confidence and made a real difference. Thank you Luke and his team at the Swindon Tuition Centre

Janine Pike, August 2020

My son has had absolutely fantastic tuition from Swindon Tuition Centre. Lydia understood instantly where he was, what blockers he had, and gave him the tools he needed. He’s delighted with his English Literature and English Language results. He has said the he believes the English tuition he received from Lydia has boosted his grades in other subjects too.

Thank you so much for such well directed , thought provoking and all around superb teaching.

Ben has a diagnosis of Asd and spld, he struggles with sensory challenges and his anxiety over school was massively increasing over the last term. His school had made cuts to the TA support staff and he was just not getting the help he needed. His health was starting to suffer and whilst he could hold himself together at school, he would let it all out at home which was affecting all of us. I made the decision to take him out of school whilst looking for a suitable alternative. Ben has been attending the tuition centre 3 times a week and has gone from not wanting to talk to absolutely loving the his time there. Clare, Jo Esme and dot are really lovely and Clare has been fantastic with him. Putting in place a structure for when he is there so he knows exactly what is coming next. He has really come out of himself and learns really well in a one to one situation. I have found a place for January so he will be leaving but would not hesitate to recommend the centre, they have been an absolute godsend during a very stressful and worrying time for us. I will have to re visit as I think they will miss Bens dog.....!!

My Daughter, Emily has attended STC for over 6 months now with her wonderful tutor Clare Paine. The improvement in Emily's capability in Maths is incredible, we can go as far as to say he enjoys her 1.5 hours each week of Maths studies. Feedback from her school teacher is equally impressive as her Maths ability is far exceeding their expectations. We have now asked for Clare to support Emily with her English studies which she again has taken in her stride. Swindon Tuition Centre is a great, informal and relaxed organisation with friendly people wanting the best from young children and adults. Luke Wareham and his team provide a young and professional environment which makes a great, welcoming place for learning, thank you for all your support!

My daughter enjoyed her time at STC. She liked all the tutors, and they are so friendly which helps when your child suffers anxiety. Luke is a great Tutor & cares for the student (as does the other Staff, Christina went out of her way one day help out) they all care, and even rang up to find out what GCSE Results my daughter got for her other subjects which they didn’t teach... really caring. Highly recommend x



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