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Welcome to our Evening Tuition Programme

at Swindon Tuition Centre


Dear Parent/Guardian, 


Thank you for choosing Swindon Tuition Centre! Our mission is to provide dynamic and stimulating learning environments where bespoke tuition packages promote the best outcomes for children and young people in Swindon and surrounding areas. 


We aim to raise confidence, develop independence and enhance the educational achievement of young people through fun, well-structured and personalised lessons. 


When choosing Swindon Tuition Centre as your learning provider, the parent/carer is agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. 


Terms & Conditions


  1. Swindon Tuition Centre offers a ‘no-risk’ assessment session for the tutees first session that is payable at the usual session rate upon confirmation that parents/guardians are satisfied with the tuition received. Payment for this session is due no later than 48 hours before the next planned session and sessions will not resume until this has been paid. 

  2. Payment for tuition is charged monthly, at the beginning of the month, for one session per week, term-time only. 

  3. Payment for sessions is set up through our secure Direct Debit system (GoCardless). It’s as easy as a, b, c!

    1. We take the parent/carer’s details over the phone when booking in the initial assessment session. 

    2. We set the parent/carer up as a customer only.

    3. Once confirmed that the parent/carer is happy to continue after the assessment, we add the monthly subscription. 

  4. Payments are taken for 11 months of the year (excluding August) regardless of how many weekly sessions there are per month. 

  5. Any additional sessions are charged at £30 per session, £35.00 for A Level sessions, and £37.50 for 1:1 sessions.

  6. If a tutee cannot attend a session, parent/carers must inform Swindon Tuition Centre via text using 07486 854621 or email at, at least 48 hours before the session is due to take place so that the session can be rearranged. 

  7. If the parent/carer contacts Swindon Tuition Centre to cancel the session less than 48 hours before it is due to take place, they will be charged and no catch up session will be offered. 

  8. Tutees are expected to attend their weekly session. If a tutee cannot attend their session, regardless of circumstance, payment will still be taken for the missed session. 

  9. On the rare occasion that a tutor needs to cancel a session, Swindon Tuition Centre will endeavour to arrange an appropriate time for a catch up session. If this cannot be arranged, a refund of £30 will be applied.

  10. If a parent/carer needs to cancel a session and it is more than 48 hours before the session is due, three catch up sessions will be offered at any time within three weeks of the date of the session according to Swindon Tuition Centre  timetable and tutor availability. Catch up sessions will not necessarily be with your regular tutor, but the work set will be appropriate and with progression from previous sessions. If the tutee cannot attend any of these sessions, the session will be forfeited and payment for the session will still stand. 

  11. Tutees should aim to arrive on time for their session. Tutees who arrive late can only expect to be given the remainder of their lesson and not the full lesson time unless agreed beforehand. Tutees running late for a lesson will be expected to call or text to give an estimated arrival time.

  12. All items of personal property are brought onto the premises entirely at the owner's risk. Swindon Tuition Centre will not be held responsible, nor accept any liability, for any loss or damage to any such items, however caused.

  13. Tutees should be aware that they are attending Swindon Tuition Centre to study and are expected to behave responsibly at all times.  Activity which could cause disturbance to other students or staff will result in instant dismissal. In such a case no refund of fees will be given. 

  14. In the interests of the tutee’s well-being - whilst in the tutors' care, the centre must be informed of any medical, safeguarding or other conditions that may be useful to keep the student safe.

  15. To avoid communication disruption and to satisfy the non-compete contract that the tutor has signed, no exchange of contact information between tutor and tutee is permitted and legal action may be sought if this is found to have happened. 

  16. Cancellation: Notice should be given via email to with one month’s notice. The final payment will be charged pro-rata for the amount of sessions taken in the last month and your Direct Debit will be cancelled.

  17. All monthly payments are non-refundable.



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Gorse Hill,



11 Devizes Rd, 

Old Town,



43 Havelock St, 

Town Centre,



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